A Night's Rest At Granada



Text taken from Kind's drama of the same name by Freiherr K. VON BRONN.

This little opera, which literally overflows with charming songs and

true German melody, has never passed the bounds of the country which

gave it birth, for notwithstanding, its beauties, which endear it to

the German people, it lacks d
amatic life and action. But in Germany

its melodies have penetrated into the hearts of the people, and will

never be taken thence.

The tale is very simple and treats of Spanish life in the middle of the

16th century.

The Crown-prince of Spain has strayed from his train, and, disguised as

a simple hunter, has found some shepherds, who grant him a night's rest

in an old castle. He excites their jealousy however by kissing the

pretty shepherdess Gabriela, and they resolve to kill and rob him.

Gabriela has two suitors, the kind shepherd Gomez, whom she loves, and

Vasco, a wild youngster, who calls her his bride against her wish and

will. In her distress she turns to the hunter, who promises to apply

to the Crown-Prince on her and her lover's behalf.

Gabriela, hearing of the plot against the hunter, becomes his

guardian-angel, for just as the Prince is about to succumb to the

ruffians, she brings on his followers, who have been found out by her

lover Gomez. The robbers are punished, and Gabriela, being allowed to

ask for a boon, begs to be united to Gomez. The Crown-Prince himself

joins their hands, granting them rich presents, and takes leave of the

peasants amid loud acclamations and benedictions.